UCSD Cryo-EM Facility Update – April 2019

Good evening - we have just a few updates this month on the UCSD cryo-EM facility.

First, following on this week’s news that the Division of Biological Sciences will be assuming responsibility for the Cryo-EM facility, I am working with Dean Pogliano to plan a town-hall style meeting where we can address the community’s questions or concerns. Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending such a meeting, and if so, what you like addressed.

Next, a technical update: the “fringe free imaging” module installed last month on the Titan Krios is paying dividends, allowing data collection rates of up to 1800 images per day (double the pre-upgrade rate). Less time spent collecting each dataset means that data collection is more affordable, and frees up time for more users.

Finally, some great news: Akif Tezcan’s lab, working with Tim Baker and facility staff member Tim Booth, have determined the first novel high-resolution structure using the Titan Krios, achieving 2.6 Å resolution on a ~150 kDa assembly. Congratulations to everyone involved in this work!

Until next time…

Kevin Corbett

Chair, UCSD Cryo-EM Facility Users Committee (CMM + Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Kevin Corbett